On street EV charging, using street lighting columns, several charging options available.

EV Street Charge

Solar power offering a range of solutions for areas that have limited or no power supply.

Solar Lighting

In-house fabrication facilities to fabricate bespoke brackets to specific requirements.

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Operating its own fleet of bespoke vehicles BEI delivers on a weekly basis, locally and nationally.

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Traffic Bollards


BEI Lighting introducing the Night Owl which is a new, low-energy absorption, highway sign providing an attractive, logical evolution in the iconic design of Keep Left Bollards.

One-Piece Night Owl

Fully approved and passed by an independent accredited centre the Night Owl offers the best in class when compared to other alternatives.
The innovative technology was developed to enable the fusing of two different materials within the manufacturing process.

Two-Piece Night Owl

The Night Owl Bollard is comprised of two components; a 'Bounce-back' Base unit designed to self-right the sign after impact and the Night Owl sign and graphics (conspicuity panels) designed to provide high visibility and durability in areas without street lighting.

Nightowl Logo

The Bounce Back Base is a one piece moulded construction using a flexible polymer.
There are no mechanical joint components, to break or fail on impact. Instead the base mould includes a male screw thread onto which a range of Night Owl Signs can be simply attached.
On impact, from a vehicle, the base will naturally deform and then ‘bounce back’ or ‘self right’ to its original position.
The conical shape produces a low bend point with regards to vehicle ground clearance.

  • Unique ‘dome’ shaped base gives reliable bounce back performance irrespective of the type of impact.

  • Base made from tough ‘Reflex’ material capable of withstanding impacts up to 70km/h.

  • Adapter plate available to allow the base to be fixed to many existing mountings.

  • The moulded-in screw thread on the top of the Base means that no mechanical components are used on the sign.

  • Fluorescent, prismatic, retro refl ective material used as standard for high visibility.

  • The Sign carrier can be easily removed and replaced in under a minute reducing danger to Highway Contractors and inconvenience to road users.

  • The strong rigid construction of the sign withstands damage from wheels running over the top of the sign.

  • Retro Refl ective panel on the Sign edge provides best in class visibility.

  • The Sign section can be moulded in most colours including stone effect/mottle finishes for environmentally sensitive areas.

  • A wide range of alternative signage can be fixed to the same base unit providing a consistent and coherent streetscape.

  • Recyclable material used throughout, suitable for environmental re-use.

 Nightowl Bollard
Other options are available please contact our sales office for information.
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